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Ranking Organization Category Views Shares Donations
1 ProPublica Arts and Culture 436.5K 334 $56
2 Turner Syndrome Society Health 288.2K 531 $863
3 Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center Environment and Animals 224.6K 333 $15
4 Search Homeless Humanitarian 172.8K 695 $25
5 Girls Education and Mentoring Services Health 155.5K 573 $780
6 The Anti-Cruelty Society Environment and Animals 128.3K 415 $415
7 AIDS Research Alliance Health 123.2K 346 $146
8 Comp-U-Dopt Humanitarian 112.9K 350 $160
9 Prison Entrepreneurship Program Humanitarian 94.6K 724 $1,380
10 National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty Civil Rights and Liberties 91.8K 323 $100