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Ranking Organization Category Views Shares Donations
1 Operation ASHA Health 35K 1,292 $3,055
2 Animal Legal Defense Fund Environment and Animals 15.2K 993 $1,435
3 AID for AIDS International Health 10.9K 957 $356
4 Wildlife Center of Virginia Environment and Animals 39.7K 905 $1,925
5 Prison Entrepreneurship Program Humanitarian 94K 724 $1,380
6 Malayaka House Inc Humanitarian 15.7K 696 $1,455
7 Search Homeless Humanitarian 172K 695 $25
8 The Wildlife Center of Texas Environment and Animals 9,334 673 $2,250
9 PCI Media Impact Government and Public Policy 18.1K 622 $325
10 Good Samaritan Rescue Mission Humanitarian 11.8K 601 $1,266