[{"id":1834,"name":"Divine Assistants International","missionStatement":"We are a spiritual & charitable activities organization dedicated to serving humanity and the awakening of universal consciousness. Through the teachings and practices revealed in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts every individual can access the divinity within and reach their highest potential. We believe that the ancient knowledge is the birthright of humanity and the means that each person can recognize the God within. This information is available to everyone regardless of caste, creed, gender, age or economic status. We believe all souls are equal in God\u2019s eyes. We believe God to be both formless as Divine Consciousness, and in form as both the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.","slug":"divine-assistants-international","totalViews":11,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1831,"name":"Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County","missionStatement":"The mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of America is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible citizens.","slug":"boys--girls-clubs-of-thurston-county","totalViews":20,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1828,"name":"The Elizabeth Mae Eaddy Organization","missionStatement":"T.E.M.E.O is dedicated to providing resources, everyday essentials and some financial assistance when funding is available to women\/men that have taken actions to free themselves from domestic violence.","slug":"the-elizabeth-mae-eaddy-organization","totalViews":6,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1827,"name":"Ti Kay Inc","missionStatement":"We provide quality TB and HIV care to those who have no options in Haiti. We ensure patients are able to have the critical care services they need and the counseling and support they need for daily medication adherence. For over 4 years we supported the largest center in Haiti for critical care of TB patients. We are working to rebuild this center at a new hospital.","slug":"ti-kay-inc","totalViews":10,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1826,"name":"Coyote Ridge Canine rescue & rehab Center","missionStatement":"To Rehabilitate dogs from the uncontrollable, unwanted stage of their life to an acceptable welcome member of the household.","slug":"coyote-ridge-canine-rescue--rehab-center","totalViews":5,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1825,"name":"Magpies & Peacocks","missionStatement":"Our mission is to create an environment for positive change by nurturing arts education, keeping fashion out of landfill, and giving back to the Houston community. Our model rests on four pillars: Collaborate, Create, Educate and Invest. We build creative connections between local businesses, donors, artists, designers, educators and Houston area nonprofits.","slug":"magpies--peacocks","totalViews":9,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1824,"name":"Knowledge-First Empowerment Center","missionStatement":": Knowledge-First offers a balanced instructional approach, understanding and addressing each student\u2019s unique learning style. Through our approach, our students learn to value the educational environment, themselves and the contributions of others. We maintain a non-threatening learning zone where each student is not only encouraged to participate, but each learns to discover ways to create their own distinct and meaningful contribution.","slug":"knowledgefirst-empowerment-center","totalViews":4,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1823,"name":"Plant Chicago, NFP","missionStatement":"To promote closed-loop food production and sustainable economic development through education and research Plant Chicago, NFP will provide educational opportunities for sustainability professionals, college students, schoolchildren, and the public to learn about a wide range of topics, from energy and efficiency in buildings to growing techniques Plant Chicago, NFP aims to educate as many people as possible about The Plant's model of closing waste and resource loops","slug":"plant-chicago-nfp","totalViews":6,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1822,"name":"Mentors of Minorities in Education","missionStatement":"The mission of M.O.M.I.E's TLC (Mentors of Minorities in Education's Total Learning Cis-tem) is to nurture children's genius and develop a transformative system to bolster educational outcomes. M.O.M.I.E's TLC is sponsored by Mentors Of Minorities In Education (M.O.M.I.E), a DC non-profit organization established in 1994, which supports the development of new community based education programs. Mr. Sabater founded M.O.M.I.E's TLC to address the lack of quality early childhood educational programs available for low-income children in Washington, DC. Within a small amount of time, M.O.M.I.E's TLC has successfully transformed the lives of more than 50 at-risk children in Columbia Heights while negotiating a shoestring budget.","slug":"mentors-of-minorities-in-education","totalViews":8,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1821,"name":"Crossroads: Community Partnership for Youth, inc.","missionStatement":"CROSSROADS was founded in 1968 as an outreach of the United Methodist Church. It was started as a community solution to the community problem of juvenile delinquency. CROSSROADS became an independent, IRS-designated, nonprofit agency in 1971, and a full member agency of the United Way in 1983. The program began as Juvenile Court Volunteers, but the name CROSSROADS was adopted in 1995 to better reflect the agency's mission in working with at-risk children. CROSSROADS recruits, screens, trains and matches volunteers from the community to mentor at-risk children who have been referred to us, mainly through the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.","slug":"crossroads-community-partnership-for-youth-inc","totalViews":6,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1820,"name":"St. Agnes Academy","missionStatement":"Rooted in the Dominican tradition, St. Agnes Academy provides a Catholic college preparatory education that encourages young women to develop intellectual curiosity, to work for social justice and to act with integrity and compassion.","slug":"st-agnes-academy","totalViews":7,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1819,"name":"Green Pets America Charities","missionStatement":"GREEN PETS AMERICA CHARITIES Rescuing, recycling and reloving discarded dogs. AN ANIMAL ADVOCACY, PUBLIC EDUCATION, RESCUE AND ADOPTION NON PROFIT SINCE 2006","slug":"green-pets-america-charities","totalViews":7,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1817,"name":"Verity-Compassion.Safety.Support","missionStatement":"We, the women and men of Verity, working in partnership with the community, strive to eliminate all forms of violence, with a special focus on sexual assault and abuse. Sexual assault is an unacceptable and unconscionable form of oppression, which is destructive to the lives of survivors, their families, and friends. Verity facilitates healing and promotes the prevention of violence by providing counseling, advocacy, intervention, and education, in our communities.","slug":"veritycompassionsafetysupport","totalViews":5,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1816,"name":"Bellaire Little League","missionStatement":"Mission is to Develop Positive Character through Baseball.\r\nVision is to Prepare Youth for the Future.\r\nValues are Integrity, Honesty, Respect, and Teamwork.","slug":"bellaire-little-league","totalViews":7,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1815,"name":"Live58","missionStatement":"58: is an unprecedented global alliance of Christians, churches and world-class poverty-fighting organizations (the 58: Alliance) working together to end extreme poverty in our lifetime by living the True Fast of Isaiah 58. We are a movement of Christians who are willing to make personal sacrifices to free up resources to help the poor, who give to effective projects led by the 58: Alliance, and who pray to align our hearts with God's will as we expressed in Isaiah 58.","slug":"live58","totalViews":8,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1814,"name":"Mentor Search","missionStatement":"Allow online connection methods for various robotics and technology events.","slug":"mentor-search","totalViews":6,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1813,"name":"Bay Area Pet Adoptions","missionStatement":"The mission of Bay Area Pet Adoptions is to shelter companion animals that we have rescued from kill shelters\/animal control facilities and individuals until permanent homes are found for them. Our adoption program strives to place the animal with a family whose lifestyle and activity level matches that of the animal.","slug":"bay-area-pet-adoptions","totalViews":4,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1812,"name":"Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School","missionStatement":"Cristo Rey Brooklyn is a Catholic high school that educates young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose, and service. By offering a rigorous curriculum, a unique work-study experience, and the support of an inclusive school community, we prepare our students to succeed in college and beyond with the values essential to a fulfilling life.","slug":"cristo-rey-brooklyn-high-school","totalViews":7,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1811,"name":"Friends of the Center Alliance, Ltd.","missionStatement":"Provide support to the Northern Great lakes visitor center","slug":"friends-of-the-center-alliance-ltd","totalViews":4,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1810,"name":"Good N.E.W.S. LAH\/BNP","missionStatement":"The Azle Good N.E.W.S. Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt community program. We are supported through Grants, Donations, and Fund Raising events.","slug":"good-news-lahbnp","totalViews":4,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1808,"name":"Crossroads Academy, Inc","missionStatement":"Crossroads is dedicated in creating an environment that inspires youth ages 13-25 who live in South Texas to discover their exceptional leadership potential and to become leaders in their community.","slug":"crossroads-academy-inc","totalViews":4,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1807,"name":"Global Peace Partners","missionStatement":"Gobal Peace Partners, bridges the turbulent waters of\r\n\r\npolitical, religious, cultural and social boundaries through\r\n\r\nmedical diplomacy. Taking the lead before disaster strikes,\r\n\r\nour Care Convoy delivers Search, Rescue and Medical\r\n\r\nEquipment to enable nations to be better prepared for the\r\n\r\ndisasters growing in frequency and intensity around the\r\n\r\nworld.","slug":"care-convoy","totalViews":5,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1806,"name":"Yes! for Schools","missionStatement":"IAHV offers programs to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities. We foster the daily practice of human values \u2013 a sense of connectedness and respect for all people and the natural environment, an attitude of non-violence, and an ethic of social service. Our programs enhance clarity of mind, shift attitudes and behaviors, and develop leaders and communities that are resilient, responsible, and inspired.\r\n\r\n- See more at: http:\/\/www.iahv.org\/about-us\/#sthash.hRyEfM6c.dpuf","slug":"yes-for-schools","totalViews":6,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1805,"name":"The Salvation Army Family & Community Services","missionStatement":"The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church.Its message is based on the Bible.Its ministry is motivated by the love of God.Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.","slug":"the-salvation-army-family--community-services","totalViews":9,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1804,"name":"Southern Sustainable Resources","missionStatement":"Founded on Earth Day 2008, Southern Sustainable Resources is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation natural resources for the benefit of the environment and all people.","slug":"southern-sustainable-resources","totalViews":3,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1802,"name":"Elk Shoals UM Camp","slug":"elk-shoals-um-camp","totalViews":9,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1801,"name":"StarlightProjects.org","missionStatement":"Starlight Projects NFP, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charity, is a social service agency serving the community needs of youths, families, and individuals. Our focus lies in the creation and promotion of programs, projects and events, filled with content about Health and Nutrition education, Self-Empowerment Coaching, Continuing Education, Small Business Workshops, as well as Physical and Spiritual Wellness Advocacy including causes like Living with Fibromyalgia, Domestic Violence, and Social Injustice, and Native American Children's Rights.","slug":"starlightprojectsorg","totalViews":5,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1800,"name":"Angels In The Field","missionStatement":"Angels In The Field is working to ending child sex trafficking,human trafficking, Pornography.","slug":"angels-in-the-field","totalViews":3,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1799,"name":"American Lung Association","missionStatement":"The mission of American Lung Association of the Plains-Gulf Region is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.","slug":"american-lung-association","totalViews":8,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1798,"name":"Cascade Regional Blood Services","missionStatement":"To provide a constant, safe, cost-effective supply of blood, blood components and other related services to the communities we serve.","slug":"cascade-regional-blood-services","totalViews":5,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1797,"name":"the children's magic shout out foundation","missionStatement":"This is a foundation that creates free programs for at risk youth. our long term goal is to have a facility for first time offenders.","slug":"the-childrens-magic-shout-out-foundation","totalViews":3,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1796,"name":"The Family Tree (formerly known as Hyaets)","missionStatement":"Hyaets, Inc. is a Christian community of hospitality located in a marginalized neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. The primary purpose of the organization is to build a stronger community in the neighborhood through work with youth in community service, self-care, and non-violent conflict resolution.","slug":"the-family-tree-formerly-known-as-hyaets","totalViews":3,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1795,"name":"Greater St.Mark's House of Prayer & Family Resource Center","slug":"greater-stmarks-house-of-prayer--family-resource-center","totalViews":3,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1794,"name":"Children Sure House Foundation","missionStatement":"Our mission is to empower children\/youth with skills and knowledge to live productive lives. We are dedicated to help young men and women escape the cycle of poverty. We offer training and counseling to the youth to get better jobs and a better future.","slug":"children-sure-house-foundation","totalViews":5,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1793,"name":"CLEANING ANGELS INC","slug":"cleaning-angels-inc","totalViews":3,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1792,"name":"ResilientMe","missionStatement":"Growing up in foster care can be challenging at best. ResilientMe engages, educates and empowers youth to successfully transition into adulthood","fullDescription":"ResilientMe provides a vital prevention program for youth who are aging out of foster care. Most youth are ill prepared to navigate through this difficult stage in their lives. That's why ResilientMe exists. We provide interactive and engaging workshops that increase youth\u2019s self-efficacy, self-esteem and resilience.","shortDescription":"We are fundamentally changing the way youth age out of foster care!","slug":"ResilientMe","totalViews":11,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1791,"name":"The Michael Morones Foundation","missionStatement":"The Michael Morones Foundation\u2019s mission is to educate communities worldwide on the social development and well-being of our youth. The Foundation works to ensure children they are loved while providing our youth support and equipping them with the necessary life-skills to enjoy a successful life.","slug":"the-michael-morones-foundation","totalViews":5,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1790,"name":"ABA Death Penalty Representation Project","missionStatement":"As the national voice of the legal profession, the ABA works to improve the administration of justice, promotes programs that assist lawyers and judges in their work, accredits law schools, provides continuing legal education, and works to build public understanding around the world of the importance of the rule of law in a democratic society.","slug":"aba-death-penalty-representation-project","totalViews":136,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1789,"name":"Arts Fulshear","missionStatement":"Arts Fulshear functions as a non-profit 501(c)3 and works to create opportunities that enrich the community through equal access to the arts. We provide education, connections, and exposure through programming and events with the goal of building a permanent visual and performing arts center that will act as the foundation of creative growth in our community.","fullDescription":"Arts Fulshear is a non-profit organization that values the creative growth of our community and families, and believes that exposure to the arts contributes to our overall well-being. Arts Fulshear\u2019s vision is to foster creative growth by providing access to and opportunities for participation in the arts. Existing programs include after-school art classes, a summer arts camp, summer theater workshops, adult art classes, a music festival, and the development of a community theater and theater group.","shortDescription":"Fostering creative growth in the community by providing opportunities for participation in the arts","slug":"arts-fulshear","totalViews":12,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0},{"id":1788,"name":"Gifts From Jada Foundation","missionStatement":"Our Mission is to provide grief support, relief, and resources for children, teens, adults, and families following the death of a loved one.","slug":"gifts-from-jada-foundation","totalViews":6,"totalPromotions":0,"totalDonations":0}]